Sunday, September 25, 2011

Facebook Cafe World Cheats

Facebook's Cafe World is quickly becoming one of the most popular games online. There's already over 10 million players and new players are joining every day. Cafe World may look like just another Facebook application, but it's more complex than you might think. As you gain levels, you unlock new recipes and items and this is usually when players start to look for Facebook Cafe World cheats to help them out.

Knowing what meals to cook is the most important aspect of the game. Should you cook dishes that take a long time to prepare or should you stick with the meals that only take a few minutes? The faster the meal takes to cook, the faster it goes bad. So if you're not too familiar with the game, I would suggest taking it slow for now. If you're leaving the game for a while, make sure you have enough dishes prepared to serve the customers while you're away so you continue to get experience points while you're away. The more dishes you can cook, the more experience points you get.

Another important point of Cafe World is your staff. Don't forget to have lots of waiters so you can easily manage lots of customers. The layout of your restaurant also makes a big difference. You want to make sure you can sit the most customers, but also make the layout manageable for your waiters.

Don't forget to add lots of neighbors. They really help when it comes to getting Cafe World points because every time you visit their restaurant you get points. You might also want to invest in some Cafe World gifts for your neighbors because they will surely return the favor when they can. Once you get enough Cafe World points you can upgrade your restaurant with better chairs, tables, stoves, etc. The better items you have the more Cafe World buzz you will get.

It's important to check on your cafe every single day and cook new meals, upgrade your items, and visit your neighbors. Go to  to learn more Facebook Cafe World cheats

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